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We live in a technological world. With the internet at our fingertips, and smart phones in our hands, we are constantly connected to everything around us. For those running a business, this is great. We can connect with our customers, process info, and fulfil orders on the go, and be able to check in wherever we are, even when we’re not in the office.

But something seems to have disappeared with the introduction of always living ‘on’. All of a sudden, business hours seem to have ceased meaning anything, at least when it comes to small business. And I mean that from the point of view of the customer, not the business owner. Continue reading


Death of the naked cake

CAVEAT: please be aware that I am not attacking or putting down anyone who wants/loves/makes naked cakes. I make them regularly and will continue to do so. My post below is from the perspective of a cake decorator who simply misses being able to offer the true talents in her hands. That is all. 

Here’s to the death of the naked cake. Woah. I said it. They’re driving me mad. I cannot wait to put them in the proverbial ground.

Why? They are not original anymore. EVERYONE wants them, and EVERYONE is doing them. The number of people who come to me and ask for a naked cake ‘for something a bit different’ is astounding. When every second person (well, actually, at the moment it’s at least 4 out of 5) is asking for it, it’s not ‘something different’. In fact, it’s exactly the same as everyone else. Continue reading

The Shiraz Files (Melbourne Cup Addition): Take a punt on yourself

My other half is amazing. Check out his latest post- my inspiration x

The Shiraz files (Melbourne Cup addition): Take a punt on yourself

We are only hours away from the race that stops the nation

Like the Melbourne Cup your career can be confusing and daunting. So with that in mind ‘The Shiraz files’ is placing it’s bets on horses that can not hopefully make you rich in the wallet but also rich in opportunity

1) Fame Game

It’s important that we all find that inner belief to want to be famous in our chosen field of expertise. I am not talking about ‘signing autograph’ fame, I am talking about being respected, passionate and trusted in what you do.

2) Excess Knowledge

it is a vital part of achieving success in what you do. To stay at the top of your game you must invest the time in

  • Reading more and gaining industry insights
  • Networking with people regularly that you respect to…

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HOW TO: Gold/Silver Leaf

Okay, so I’ll admit upfront, trying to take tutorial photos by myself is actually really hard. Trying to hold the camera, and demonstrate process steps at the same time is surprisingly difficult. So hopefully my written instruction will make more sense with this.

Working with edible leaf is something that does require practice, although in theory it sounds fairly simple. It is a very delicate, fiddly, and no-room-for-error type of material, but has a fabulously opulent effect when used on a cake. It is also quite expensive, so is not to be thrown around carelessly! I buy direct from the supplier (here’s a plug, ready?!) from The Gold Leaf Factory for both gold and silver. Be aware- they also sell non-edible leaf, so make sure you purchase the correct one! Continue reading